A minty fresh take on the cool-girl bouncy blowout

If there's one thing that gets me excited about my hair routine, it's finding cute and functional tools to make styling a breeze. My latest obsession – the Limited Edition That’s Mint Blowout Kit is giving me all the feels! This is the first time Mermade Hair has ever release a green hair tool, and I’m here for it!

First things first, can we talk about the color? Mint green is not just a color; it's a whole mood! The chic, refreshing shade instantly elevates my bathroom game, turning it into a pastel paradise. And who doesn't love a touch of minty freshness in their beauty routine?

Now, let's dive into the goodies nestled within this minty dream kit. Drumroll, please!

This Limited Edition That’s Mint Blowout Kit includes a Mint Blow Dry Brush along with 6x velcro rollers and 6x Jumbo no crease clips.It’s everything you need to create the voluminous bouncy blowout of your dreams!

Let's get into how to get a bouncy blow out with the mint kit!

Step 1

Start with clean hair about 90% dry and spritz through some Mermade Mist to protect the hair from heat and speed up the drying time.

Step 2

Section hair with the included Jumbo No Crease clips. Starting with the bottom layer, place the Blow Dry Brush at the root of the hair, brushing the hair away while also rotating the brush to curl hair around the barrel.

Repeat until the section is dry. To get more curve, gently rotate the barrel and wrap hair around the brush while simultaneously brushing through the section. This twisting motion curls the hair, for the bouncy straight-out-of-the-salon look.

Step 3

To add some bounce and air, while the hair is still hot, take a small section of hair and wrap hair inwards and outwards of the velcro roller alternating with each section, securing with the jumbo no crease clip.

Repeat for all sections.

Step 4

Once is hair cooled and set completely, remove Clips and gently unwind rollers to not disturb the curl. Gently brush out curls with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. For extra hold, set hairstyle with hairspray for a hairstyle that won’t budge.

What I love most about the Limited Edition That’s Mint Blowout Kit is how it turns my everyday hair routine into a mini pampering session. And let's not forget the Instagram-worthy aesthetic of the kit. I mean, who wouldn't want to showcase a pop of mint green in their beauty corner? It's like a piece of art that also happens to make my hair look fabulous.

If you're on the hunt for the perfect gift or a little treat for yourself, the Limited Edition That’s Mint Blowout Kit is not only functional but also a total mood booster. The mint green magic in this kit has taken my styling game to a whole new level.

So here's to good hair days, minty fresh vibes, and the joy of discovering beauty tools that spark a little extra happiness in our routines!