Don’t read this if you’re not ready to rock the big city girl blowout every day

Put a finger down if:

  1. You wish to have big and bouncy hair all day, every day - living and slaying (or “sliving” like the cool kids say) like a rich, independent Italian auntie who always shows up at family functions with immaculate hair.
  2. You can’t afford to drop some serious cash on a salon blowout on a weekly basis - sorry, I have bills to pay and a social life to lead.
  3. You’re time-poor and want a solution for an easy-to-do blow dry that you can nail every morning without fail - you simply can’t do the whole “I woke up like this” shebang and trust that your hair will behave on the day.
  4. You were born with the most difficult hair ever - it’s always flat and oily like you’re still stuck in your emo phase.
  5. You’re like me - having such a weak upper body strength that you’d never catch me using a round brush and a hair dryer to style my hair. I don’t know about you, but my hands and arms just don’t co-ordinate like that.

Trust me when I say that was my life 6 months ago - accepting the defeat that I couldn’t find a way to make my hair look decent on my own, desperately visiting a salon weekly for help and making my bank account cry. But now I’m that Italian auntie thanks to Mermade Hair’s Interchangeable Blow Dry Brush. This is big coming from a girl who has zero skills in hair styling, and was “blessed” with straight, frizzy + knotty Southeast Asian hair at birth. Here is why you need this life-changing heated brush in your life.


It is what you think it is - a Dyson multi-styler without the hefty price tag. This 3-in-1 hot air brush comes with 1 body, 3 temperature settings, plus 3 heads for 3 different styling purposes:

  • High temperature- Dryer Attachment to dry roots.
  • Low temperature- 60mm Volume Attachment to dry and style strands, and add volume + bounce.
  • Cool setting- 32mm Curling Attachment to define face-framing pieces and set your locks in place.

This multi-functional blow dryer brush is giving the “Medusa but with Rachel Green hair” vibe.

Weighing just a bit over 600g, it’s probably the most lightweight blowout brush on the market - it’s so compact that you just want to take it everywhere. Work, weekend trip, international travel - here she comes. No arm ache.

How do I become a fellow Italian auntie? Teach me your way!

Step 1: Pay attention to the shampoo that you use in the shower.
Good hair starts with a clean scalp and a healthy mane. Choosing a shampoo that can both clean your hair thoroughly yet gently, and add airy volume means your blowout will hold better and last longer.

Styling Shampoo is exceptional for type 1 and 2 hair where sheer volume is adequate.

Step 2: If you’re not using a blowout primer, you’re doing your blowout wrong.
Just like your face, your hair also needs priming in order to make your style durable. Or if you’re into painting, all walls also need to be primed before being actually painted on. You get my point.

The salon-approved Styling Primer is an absolute unit - it contains a whopping amount of 17 amino acids to protect your mop of hair from environmental stressors, control those super annoying frizzes that no one wants to say “yes please” to, while adding the vavavoom hydration + shine at the same time. In addition to this, the unique MeraGuard complex aids in scalp and hair longevity.

After priming, I like using the Detangle Brush to remove any tangles - it also helps distribute the Styling Primer to every single strand.

Step 3: Start with 80% dry hair.
The roots retain the most water and take the longest to dry, so I use the Dryer Head on high setting to dry them faster. I’d like to thank myself for using the Styling Primer beforehand because this bad boy cuts the drying time in half. Save me some extra 10 minutes to scroll TikTok.

Step 4: Wrap around. Brush away. Repeat.
Place the 60mm Volume Head underneath roots and gently pull away from your face until a bounce is formed. Use the low heat setting if you have thin hair like mine. The high heat setting is great for thicker hair. Repeat the process until you finish the whole head.

Step 5: Hang in there. Your inner Italian auntie starts to come out.
Once my strands look smooth and curvy just the way I like, I switch to the 32mm Curling Head on cool temperature to style my front locks. Simply wrap a small piece around the barrel and gently pull it away from the face again. This will add extra definition to your frame and give the illusion of a full head of hair. When I feel a bit extra, I quickly wrap the two front pieces together with a roller from the Velcro Roller Kit while doing my makeup and after 10 minutes, the girls look even bouncier.

Step 6: Bellissima! You’re all blown out.
Welcome to the club. You’re now a rich, independent Italian auntie whose hair game is unbeatable, or a do-it-all girlie because good hair equals great confidence.

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