I Went Travelling For 6 Weeks & The Only Hair Product I Packed Was This Finishing Serum

Written by Tiffany Forbes at pedestrian.tv


Serums often scare me because I still have trust issues from the truckload of anti-frizz products I bought at age 13 that claimed they’d make my hair as sleek as a Kardashian’s, only to do absolutely fkn nothing for my lovely mop of curls.

Now that I’m an older, wiser version of myself, I know anti-frizz serums are not designed to be these miracle-working potions that change the entire structure of your hair, nor do they really do much if you don’t look after your locks from their very origin — the roots. But, when it comes to taming that little fluffy layer after straightening your freshly-washed strands or giving them some weight to fight that pesky summer humidity, they can be a really good hair product to have on hand.

That’s why, when I was given the opportunity to review Mermade Hair’s new Super Serum that claims to help with both of those things — as it is scientifically designed to do so — I thought, now’s the time to take the plunge back into hair serum land.

If you’ve been in the market for something similar, sit back and enjoy the ride because after trialling it for the better part of two months, it’s a good one.


Super Serum 50mlSuper Serum 50ml

Super Serum 50mL

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