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Article: Skimlinks Affiliates

Skimlinks Affiliates

Skimlinks Affiliates


  • Recommended for small business owners, bloggers, influencers and journalists.
  • Earn a 20% commission every time a customer shops with your unique Skimlinks link.
  • Receive automatic payments via PayPal.
  • Make money while creating content and fostering your community on social media.
  • Get featured on our social media channels when you create amazing content.
Top FAQs 

How do I earn commissions with Skimlinks?
You earn a commission when a customer clicks on your unique Skimlinks link and makes a purchase.

How do I get paid by Skimlinks?
Skimlinks pays out commissions on a monthly basis, usually around the end of the month for the previous month’s earnings, provided you meet the minimum payout threshold.

How do I track my Skimlinks sales?
You can track your commissions through the Skimlinks dashboard, which provides detailed reports on clicks, conversions & commissions.

To learn more, please visit SKIMLINKS.COM

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