Our Founder dishes on the inspiration behind our iconic Barbie collaboration

Our Mermade Hair x Barbie Collection brings the nostalgia of our favourite doll into 2023 with our Barbie inspired Blowout & Wavy Kit. We sat down with Mermade Hair founder, Tara Simich to discuss the inspiration behind the latest collaboration & to find out who Barbie is in the modern world.

The Barbie Blowout Kit & Barbie Wavy Kit is now available to shop online & in selected stores worldwide.

Question 1: Describe the modern day Barbie in 3 words?  

Tara: Empowered, evolved & everything!

Question 2: Why did you choose to work with Barbie?

Tara: There were a lot of synergies between the brand that were far more than just the pink pantone. The whole philosophy of Barbie was that through the doll, the little girl could be anything she wanted to be. Being a young female founder myself & mother, I have such a deep connection to that message as I am only where I am today because I always dreamed big and had the opportunity to witness women being able to do it all, working & succeeding.

Question 3: What was involved in the design process of the zebra print on the hot tools? 

Tara: We wanted to look at how Barbie would be presented if it launched in 2023! We wanted to connect the iconic Barbie pantone & nostalgia of the brand with a taste of Generation Z. We thought the wavy Zebra print was a fun way of connecting the dots while still staying true to Barbie.

Question 4: What was your favourite moment of the campaign shoot?

Tara: It was definitely seeing all the different ages/generations coming together with the same energy. We wanted a campaign that shouted out - no matter what age you are you deserve to feel confident, alive & empowered. We didn’t want to put boundaries on who this product could be for. We wanted our community to be able to identify or connect with someone in it.

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