Your Little Mermaid dreams have come true... Learn how to use the Gem Stamper!

Our new Gem Stamper is the ultimate bling tool you need to be acquainted with this season. Currently our favourite hair accessory tool at Mermade HQ, this handy little grab-and-go Gem Stamper will turn your hair from bleh to bling in seconds. The perfect companion for festival weekends or make your Little Mermaid dreams come true & learn how to use the new #trending tool below.

STEP 1: Style your mermade inspired hair

A fresh blow out, curly locks or an up-do, whatever you choose, heat styling first is crucial to nailing the placement of your Hair Gems. So before you touch the stamper- make sure you’ve nailed the hair look.

STEP 2: Choose your hair gem colour

Choose your Hair Gems to match your outfit! The Gem Stamper includes gold, silver, pink & holographic hair gems so you can change the colour depending on the occasion. We also sell Hair Gem refills so you’ll never run out of sparkle.

STEP 3: Lift the tray to load the gems

Locked & loaded, once you’ve picked your gem colour insert the gem disc into the stamper with gems facing upwards. Pull the clear tray back over the disc until it clicks into place- you’re now ready to stamp & sparkle.

STEP 4: Time to stamp

If your hair is styled down, the Gem Stamper works well folded in half and ‘clamped’ onto the hair. Start by grabbing small sections starting at the top of the hair and working your way through mid lengths and ends.


We've created our Gem Stamper to work on up-do's too, so if you've created a slick bun or pony, you can still add some sparkle! Just open the bottom clamper so the stamper is placed flat and add your gems. 




Gem StamperMermade Hair gem Stamper

Gem Stamper

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